How To Use Temporary web mail in Here?

How To Use Temporary web mail  in Here?
Published in : 14 Jan 2022

How To Use Temporary web mail in Here? provides temporary web mailbox (also known as disposable mailbox) service, which can be viewed anonymously to @ Com. cannot be used to send spam. helps you keep spam out of your inbox.

You can use any email address (for example: < random account > to register for the website service. Messages from these websites are in the inbox of the account you set up (address: The account you set up) is instantly visible.

The mail will be kept for 5 days. You can also delete them manually.

You cannot send anonymous mail to a private mail account other than your account.

Use examples

Register anonymously for forums, party sites, or newsgroups to avoid spam in your private mailbox.

You don't have to keep an account on For example, to register a website, you are required to provide a valid email during the registration process. You can directly use < random account > @ com。 This website will send a confirmation email to your account. Open COM, check the temporary inbox of < your account > to confirm your registration. It's that simple. Spam or newsletters sent by this website will be sent to your temporary account.

What is a one-time or temporary email address?

The purpose of onetime email address is to protect your personal e-mail address, whether for confidentiality reasons or to avoid receiving spam

There are several types of one-time or ad hoc e-mail solutions:

Provide a one-time email address for your temporary inbox,

Automatically forward received mail to the email address of your personal email address,

Allows you to create or delete an alias email address (secondary email address). belongs to the first category, but unlike most one-time e-mail services, the inbox does not expire.